Zarkhand election daughter brraks history

Jharkhand Assembly Election.  81 seats.  Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, the grand alliance of Congress and Rashtriya Janata Dal, is going to form the government.  Hemant Soren will be the new head of the state.  In this election, everyone had an eye on the Barkagaon seat.  The reason was the candidate Amba Prasad here.  Against whom his rivals also appear to have avoided speaking, the opponents of his parents did attack.

Amba Prasad was the Congress candidate.  Has won now.  It was won by her father Yongendra Saw in 2009.  On Congress ticket.  He also became a minister.  There were many charges, he went to jail.  In the next election i.e. in 2014.  Amba's mother Nirmala Devi contested this seat.  On Congress ticket only.  She won  This means that this seat has been occupied by this family in three consecutive elections.

Why did the father go to jail?

There are about 24 cases against Yogendra Sau.  Ramgarh was found guilty of demanding extortion from the sponge iron factory.  Jharkhand High Court sentenced.  The Supreme Court upheld the sentence.  What happened?  On 1 October 2016, the Kafan movement took place.  Yogendra Saw and Nirmala Devi accompanied the villagers.  The villagers demanded that NTPC should be given better compensation for their land for mining.  During this, four people were killed in police firing.  People in Jharkhand know it as the Barkagaon firing.  Where compensation of 4.25 lakhs per acre (ryot land) was being received, 20 lakhs per acre was started after the firing.

Nirmala Devi was arrested in this case.  The villagers forcibly entered and rescued him from police custody.  After this, when the hearing of the case started, Nirmala Devi was tortured.  So that they do not have any effect on the case.  MBA, have done law

After BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration), he did his MBA in Human Resources.  Also studied law.  In 2014, Amba was in Delhi preparing for UPSC.  Then he came to know that his father's health has deteriorated.  From there came to Barakagaon, then did not return to Delhi.  In the Lok Sabha elections 2019 too, he attended the meetings as a representative of his mother Nirmala Devi.

His name became more highlighted when former Congress President and MP Rahul Gandhi rallied for him and other Congress candidates.