Friends, with this information today, we will expand the Hindi meaning of word prejudice. Under which every word will be presented by their best example, so that all your concepts will be clear and understand them well, so let's not delay and start knowing Hindi details with Meaning of Prejudice in full detail. do.

Prejudice Meaning in Hindi Explain :

My dear, you may have better understood every aspect hidden behind them by reading every word of word prejudice till now, due to which you have needed them in many places like talking with someone or in school, home etc. But it must have been used, the simplest thing is that it is very easy to remember once you read it immediately,

But due to their short form, after more time has passed, they may not be able to remember it while using it, maybe this problem is happening with everyone often, then it is time to get out of the worry because this article is only for you. It was written that if all such problems will be solved by reading, then let's start.

What is the Details of Prejudice with Examples : 

Know the description of each word related to them -

- Prejudice, this word expresses one way behavior ie being with one of the two sides and presenting opposite behavior to the other side. Perhaps such incidents have happened to you as well, or you have seen family, workplace, social level office and many court cases etc. under which,

As we have told many times that every person thinks according to his mindset, here too we can see this at different levels of favoritism for different humans, directly knowing that one party is opposite and another with the other. You can understand about the increase.

- Overseas, you will be well aware of this word and have even been seen doing such things and behavior among many people around you. If we understand this in a little detail, then you will find that when a person praises the best work done by another person or in front of him, he expresses it only because of his great work by someone. Appreciation reflects this in reality.

- Adversity, you must have been related to this situation even at a better level, or in some cases it may have happened to you. Knowing this from a slightly broader perspective, we will find that it points to those things where the opposite behavior of things, things, actions and people can be shown.

Know the effect of all words -

- Partiality, there are many politics parties in our country, where in it many leaders maintain it by promoting each other's bias. Apart from this, a lot of hair comes in the court as an example. To solve them, it is implemented by many lawyers and witnesses, if all goes well, the opposite effect can be seen due to some wrong work.

- Favoritism, it is a type of praises that expresses it only by praising or bragging about one thing of the other, here two types of situation can be seen. That looks best only on appearance, their results can express different directions on society, people and other things in different ways.

Adversity, here there is a bad effect on the work by directly reflecting the wrong result or negative result ie the complete opposite of the positive result of the work done.

Know their usage -

- Partiality, favoring one side as opposed to the other.
- Partisanship, use it for someone's elder.
- Adversity, in contrast to the situation, expresses aspects through this word.

I hope you have got a lot to know from this post Prejudice Meaning in Hindi Explaination. Which would have helped a lot as well. Do you like this information? Be sure to share your suggestions and thinking with us and follow us on social media so that all the updates are kept continuously.


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